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HVIET 2016

From the minds & hearts of the HVIET's Class of 2016:

            “Experiencing bullying when I was growing up, I find difficulties accepting myself sometimes. Then, I joined HVIET. How can I best explain how it means to me with only words when it means so much more. I know that I am special, and I now truly believe it.”

                                            Ricky Loakhajorn, '17, Asian International School, Ho Chi Minh 

            “To me, each day at the program was an unforgettable memory.      I was genuinely so impressed with the scale and professional execution of the camp—from the preparation to the content. For me, HVIET threw open the doors to the world of knowledge, allowing me exposure to a modern education method—a liberal arts education.”  

                                                                                     - Ho Dac Luc, '17, THPT Hai Ba Trung, Hue

 Skills Gained: 

  • Confidence, Critical Thinking, Public Speaking 

  • Making Choices, Problem Solving, Logical Thinking


  • Global Issues, Marketing, Activism, Game Theory

  • Exploring your passions, Being Yourself 

            “What I liked most about HVIET was the environment to speak English – it helped me find the mistakes in my speech. Outside of “studying,” I also was able to participate in the extracurricular activities, the talk show events that brought to me a lot of new knowledge.” 

                                                                - Phat Vo, '16, Trung Vuong High School, Ho Chi Minh

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