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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply to HVIET?
    You can apply to HVIET 2020 through our online application form on our website. Please click "Apply" tab on our website menu to apply.
  • When is the application deadline?
    The HVIET 2020 Student Application is now open for early round applications until December 31, 2019. The regular round application is due on February 17, 2020. Our late application deadline is March 31, 2020; however, we will only consider these applicants for spots that are vacated.
  • How much is the tuition? What if my family cannot afford it?
    The tuition to participate in HVIET 2019 Summer Program is 9.000.000 VND, which includes all in-program expense such as hotel accommodation, food, transportation, and teaching materials. We offer limited need-based financial aid to low-income students. If you wish to apply for financial aid, you can do so through our online application.
  • I already applied. When will I hear back from HVIET?
    If you applied during the priority round, you should hear back from us by January 15th, 2019. If you applied through the regular round, you will hear back from us by March 1st, 2019.
  • I got waitlisted. When do I know the final decision?
    If you were waitlisted during the priority round, we will let you know our final decision by April 15, 2019. If you were waitlisted during the regular round, we will inform you our final deicion by April 22, 2019.
  • I got accepted! What's next?
    Congratulations! In order to officially secure your spot, please follow the instruction listed in the acceptance email to "Accept/Decline" your offer and pay the tuition by the payment deadline. Please note that your spot is not fully secured until you pay the tuition by the deadline.
  • What time should I arrive at the camp on June 3, 2019?"
    You should arrive at Saigon International University no later than 9:00AM on June 3, 2019. More information will be sent to you in mid-April after the payment deadline.
  • What time does the camp end on June 12, 2019?"
    HVIET 2019 Summer Program ends at 12:00 PM at Saigon International University. Parents can pick up students at 12:00 PM.
  • I'm traveling alone to Ho Chi Minh City. Can HVIET staff pick me up from the airport?
    Yes, we can send our staff to pick you up from the airport, but you need to pay for your own transportation costs. We can't pick you up if you arrive earlier than 8:00AM or later than 8:00PM. *We will send out more information about this in mid-April, after the payment deadline.
  • I will arrive at Ho Chi Minh City on June 2nd, where can I stay for the night?"
    You are encouraged to arrange your own accommodation. If you prefer, HVIET can help you book a hotel, and the cost will be shared with another HVIET student who also needs accommodation. *We will send out more information about this in mid-April, after the payment deadline.
  • What should I bring to HVIET?
    We will email you a recommended packing list in mid-April after the payment deadline. You do NOT need to prepare anything special for HVIET.

Have other questions? Leave us a note on the website or Facebook. We'll reply to your concerns as soon as possible. 

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